Thursday, 17 December 2015

We don’t play with boys

No girl wants to play with a sissy boy.


  1. my dream lol i love your work

  2. Thanks so much for the artwork. I love the way each picture tells a story and the facial expressions are perfect.

    I guess I had to post because I am really interested in how I relate to the world(s) you've brought to life, but also because of the contrast with my own life.

    First, I'm transgendered (male to female). Because of this I had some difficulties fitting in while I was growing up. Girls didn't much want me around, because I was a boy. At the same time, there was a lot of pressure on me to fit in with the boys, but they thought I was too much of a sissy.

    I hated being made to play football with the boys. I wanted to play skipping with the girls instead! The boys were so competitive and took football so seriously. One day I got so mad at being made to play football that I kicked the ball in our own net. Sorry, boys, I feel kind of bad about that now!

    These days I find the office where I work is increasingly becoming like the worlds you describe. My office is quite an extreme forward thinking feminist utopia. We have 21 females and 8 males, all run by an ambitious, feminist woman. It's been 10 years since I last had a male boss.

    Basically, in my workplace, males are second class citizens who are expected to work twice as hard and frequently mocked and ridiculed for being inferior. It's kind of the exact opposite of the chauvinist workplace I imagine existed in maybe the 1970s. I've even been groped a couple of times!

    Sadly, they haven't yet made the males start wearing dresses or skirts. But I expect I'll be doing this voluntarily within a few years as they do have some quite good policies for trans people.

    Anyway, I just felt so sorry for the boy in your drawing as he's faced with a lot of the same sort of discrimination that I've put up with over the years. I just hope he gets to play football and beat the girls at their own game one day (even though I hate football myself. Stupid boy's game!!! ;)

  3. Your arts fictitious and nice. Can you please draw more images on Indian weeding by reversing the gender of bride and groom