Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Wedding portrait

Woman and husband on their happy day.


  1. oh, it's soooo nice that makes me hungry.... waiting for a woman pilot with her male stewardess...

  2. A lovely pretty....I like the look of the groom too, she's so handsome.

    Life continues at the High the middle of exams at the moment, so no time for fun! I decided to continue to wear to gynarchy scarf to show I am a good girl who loves the Great Goddess. I notice the girls speak kindly to me and don't tease or try to touch me inappropriately....such a problem for the average schoolboy in the Gynarchy. I notice girls expect me to be very polite to them and obedient. My sisters continue to boss me around, but they will be the leaders in the future and expect us boys to toe the line and be good. My breasts are growing alarmingly and my butt is big in my school skirt. I feel funny between the legs but I know to expect my period soon, they are very regular at the moment, every 28 days. I have to sit on a special sheet of cloth when I sit during my period, it could make the chair unclean and then I'd have to go to the temple and get washed ritually by the woman priests. The exams are sooo question in science last week was "Describe a world created by a bad would it be, how much better a world made by women for the benefit of women...Start by describing how the world was made in 7 days by the Great Goddess." Wow....where do you start?

    Love being a boy in the Gynarchy. I have been thinking about careers...I like to look after childcare may be a possibility. I read somewhere that men used to be doctors engineers and teachers....hard to believe, really. All the men I know are in low paid jobs, menial and with no prospects. In my mother's law firm there are only boys in the post room and working in the typing pool. All PA's are women who have assistants to do the typing, filing and deskwork. The men have to stand to one side in the corridor if a single woman walks along (even if the boy is 54 and the woman is 16).....that happens in school too!!

    I've noticed a girl in class called Jayne who seems to like me. She lets me carry her books from class to class....and she lets me go into the toilet and flush the wc and wipe the toliet seat.....a great be useful, to see her pooh......she's perfect.

    Tomorrow I have an english exam and a Gynarchy History exam. 3 hours each.

    My mother says "don't worry if you don't pass, I don't expect much from you, 'll do ok as you are so pretty and petite...good boy!!"

    I know the effect I have on girls, but is it enough...probably not....boys expectations are set very low at school. If I get good marks they telephone my mother and ask her what is going on, I mustn't get better marks than the girls in class. In fact the lowest mark a girl gets is just above the highest a boy gets,,,,so, for example, if Sophie gets 34% in an exam the highest a boy can get is 33%...even if he does well he is marked down.

    Love the gynarchy, love the stories on here, love the pretty pictures.


  3. Beautiful image.
    Handsome female groom, pretty male bride.

    Can I share this variation of your image: I was softened his face. Added some jewerly, and details in his dress:

    Off course, I don´t owe any rights of these image, you´re the only author of it

  4. I love this one, what a wonderful world it would be. A Handsome female groom and a pretty male bride, superbly drawn and painted again.

  5. je voudrai confirmer le premeir message de voir davantage de dessins représentant des hommes vraiment occupé à des tâches féminine comme le ménage pendant que madame exerce des activitées qui étaient reservées aux hommes, vraiment sentir une réelle inversion dans a vie de tous les jours
    ça nous ferai tellement rêver de voir ce nouveau monde

  6. ¿Alguien aquí habla español? :P

  7. Nice, I want a husband like that...