Tuesday, 13 May 2014

My output this year

I have had a couple of comments about my seemingly small output this year. I understand why: one new post in 2014 is not prolific.

When I started Eve’s Rib, my ability to draw was pretty weak (not that I’m great now, either). Painfully aware of my limitations, I worked on my skills: reading books, keeping sketchbooks, attending life classes, and so on. This means I am always gradually improving. I look at pictures posted a year ago or more and wrinkle my nose, thinking: “That’s pretty weak. I could do much better today.”

Far from being inactive this year, I’ve actually been quite busy, repainting nearly two dozen pictures. This ranges from reworking a head to a complete remake, and there are plenty of further pictures I would like to remake but haven’t got round to yet. Many of you will have noticed me do remakes before, and I recognise that in a year or two the process might get repeated all over again. This is just a hazard of posting work while my skills are still developing. OK, I could have waited until I was the new Rembrandt – or more realistically, Gil Elvgren – before launching Eve’s Rib at all, but then I would never be satisfied and there would be no blog.

Fear not, there will be new paintings.

A note to anyone who’s reposted my pictures online: if I’ve done a remake, I’d appreciate it if you would replace the old tat with the current version.