Wednesday, 6 November 2013

All the young men love a soldier

When Eloise returned from her first campaign, her two cousins Marcel and Didier were delighted. They were keen to hear heroic tales from the dashing young officer - her life was so much more adventurous than the dull, domesticated routines of pretty young men.


  1. this is a masterpiece! I love the contrast between soldier and damsels! Please go on this way! And when the woman pilot with the male stewardess?

  2. This is a lovely picture and shows how much more rich and elegant the attire for both sexes was in that era than today. Also, although traditional dress has been reversed, the outfits suit and flatter the wearers. Thanks for producing this delightful work of art.

  3. I adore this drawing trés meaning, or we can imagine themselves the scéne which tells that both men(people) are jealous of each other between them and want to know who is going to be the happy elected representative of the heart of this soldier and then the maniere of prelever its dress is trés expressilf