Friday, 11 October 2013

Young man in a dark dress, 1862


  1. vos image sont bien mais elles se ressemble toutes, pourquoi ne pas faire voir ce genre de photos, mais voir cet homme faire de la broderie, ou faire des tâches ménagéres, dessinez ce genre de photos mais qui représente des hommes en robes mais qui font partie de la classe populaire par exemple voir des hommes faire la lessive au lavoir municipal comme le faisez les femmes autrefois, ou voir des hommes servantes dans une taverne ou là on verrai les femmes assises en train de boire du vin enfin bref si vous voyez ce que je veux dire
    il faut faire voir les hommes à la place des femmes vraiment inversé les rôles

  2. Jamie have you heard of this new film.....

    Interesting theme. Have you ever considered drawing Arab men in veils?

    1. I've not, because the image could potentially be co-opted into the anti-Muslim narrative as a satirical attack on the burqa/Islam. And there's too much of that racist crap around already.

  3. When I was 14 years old one of my best friends, Charli, was taken out of school by his mother as she had arranged a marriage. Charli had agreed to the bethrothal as he knew and liked his fiance very much. Her name is Susan and she is 10 years older than Charli. She is the daughter of Charli's mother's best friend and they had secretly agreed to the match when the children were quite young.

    This is not unusual in the Gynarchy, but it is unusual for the boy to be taken out of school. The reasoning was that it was best for Charli to learn about keeping a household budget, cooking, cleaning, shopping for food, understanding Susan's needs in every way and studying the Gynarchy Holy Book. I kept in touch with Charli and often visited him after school. Charli lived with Susan's mother and was not allowed out in the evening without a chaperone. I would have to telephone and ask permission to visit. This was usually given without any problems but I always had to leave within an hour because Charli got tired easily. The first time I visited Charli I was quite shocked as he was permanently in a large downstairs room, which was locked. He dressed in a red and gold sari with his hair covered by a veil. If he needed the toilet he had to press a button on the wall, and his mother in law to be came in and escorted him to the bathroom. We chatted in the usual way, he was always interested in the school gossip, who was in the "in crowd", who the popular boys were and which girls we were trying to get attention from.

    Once Susan came to the house (she lived in her own house on an executive estate some way away - I think about 3 miles), whilst I was there, to speak to her mother, but didn't come to see Charli. We heard her come in the front door and Charli got very excited. He asked if he looked pretty...and checked his lipstick. We heard Susan go into the kitchen and we heard laughter..and animated chat...but then we heard her say goodbye to her mother and the front door close. Charli went to the front window and watched Susan get into her Lexus and drive off. Charli burst into tears just as Susan's mother came in. She comforted Charli and told him Susan was far too busy to see him today, perhaps next week? His mother in law to be then suggested I should go as it was time for Charli's tea and he was getting a bit fractious.

    The wedding was a lavish affair and Charli looked stunning in his white wedding sari and veil. They honeymooned in the Seychelles, and Susan's friend Jane went too in case a chaperone was needed for Charli. It wouldn't be right for him to be alone in the apartment whilst Susan went sightseeing or shopping or swimming in the pool. They had a lovely time and I saw lots of photos on Facebook.

    Such is life in the Gynarchy.


  4. eres árabe Sami? tienes blog? Me encantan tus relatos, en especial este :DDD mi favorito. Jamie me encanta tu arte, soy de la convicción que los vestidos así como el maquillaje, accesorios, etc, fueron inventados para que los luzcan hombres, no Mujeres, ya que lucen muchísimo en ellos. Bueno, también soy de la idea como alguien ya comentó, de que retrates a chicos árabes luciendo algún sensual velo, (aunque encuentro todo tu arte sobremanera genial), ¿te parece? :D! Adiós. Great art! Bye :D!!!

  5. aujourd'hui beaucoup d'hommes aimeraient porter des robes et des jupons, mais la société n'est pas encore prête, mon mari lui en porte trés souvent à la maison et je trouve cela trés bien, je vais lui acheter une robe comme ce dessin et bien sûr les dessous qui vont avec, il sera heureux et belle

  6. Wooow. Precioso! Beautiful! :D