Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Romantic young man no.2

Another young romantic fellow from the 1840s, out daydreaming on the balcony.

After Vladimir Hau.


  1. I couldn't find this one - who was he is his former pre-feminized identity?

    1. He is V.G. Stroganov. The head is actually by Sokolov, which may explain your difficulties.

  2. Ah! I see.

    It makes me realize how exposed and vulnerable the woman of that time looked in comparison with the man. Take away his nobleman's coat and cravat and put a flower in his hair and it is HIS turn to look exposed.

  3. Robin stood on the veranda thinking about the events of the day - his eighteenth birthday. He had been woken early by the noise made by Lesley, their housemaid, in his room. As he came to, he realized that the maid, who was dressed in his normal uniform of full length black dress, white starched apron anhd white lace cap, was emptying his drawers and wardrobe of his clothing: his trousers, wasitcoats, shirts and socks were all being bundled into a number of large baskets. When Robin had protested, Lesley told him that he was simply following the instructions of Robin's mother. At that moment, his mother herself had appeared, with Robin's father hovering behind her, the two of them carrying a number of large boxes all wrapped up in coloured paper. He was delighted to see that they had brought his his birthday presents up but was astonished when opened them to find that they were full of adult male clothing i.e. skirts, blouses, dresses, and underwear. When he had protested, his mother had simply told him that it was about time he started dressing his age. Trousers and shirts were all very well for younger boys but he was now a grown-up. Robin had to admit that this was true, some of his friends had started wearing dresses as early as fourteen, most had changed into them once they started going out with their first girlfriend and very few did not have at least a couple of fine dresses hanging in their wardrobe. 'As today is your birthday, I have invited a number of guests for a meal, including some of my lady friends, wealthy women in their thirteies who are looking for an eligible young man to marry. But from tomorrow you will spend a month helping Lesley doing the housework. It is crucial that you know how a large houeshold works for when yo are married and have a household of your own to run while your wife goes out to work'. As the smirking Lesley took away his old clothes, which were to be given away to charity, Robin realized it was futile to protest or to resist. Later, Lesley had helped him into the prettiest of his new dresses to wear at dinner. He had gasped as the laces on his corset had been pulled tight to give him the fashionable wasp-wasited look. When he put on the off-she-shoulder dress hwich his mother had picked out for him, he could not help but admire himself in the full-length mirror on the door of his wardrobe. He had to admit that the flowers in his hair went well with the floral decoration on the front of his dress and that his mother had been particularly generous in the choice of jewellery for him. he tottered as he took his first steps in his high-heeled ankle boots and so practised walking in them. He could hear the guests arriving downstairs and realized that he would be expected to make a striking entry to the party in honour of his entry into society.

  4. So sweet! He'll break endless hearts