Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Henriette d’Orléans

Henriette Eugénie d’Orléans, duchess d’Aumale, ca. 1843.

Photoshop manipulation after Winterhalter.


  1. How clever you are.

    I always have fun finding the original.

    I found that Henri Eugene d'Orleans, Duc d'Aumale, was a very beautiful man - so dignified, with the blond hair and beard.

    Rather sad that he had to give up that magnificent uniform, the sash and badge and epaulettes, the hat, the gloves and that phallic sword. And of course those lovely high polished boots.

    But much more amusing and enjoyable than sad.

    Now that he has lost everything we will see him in a new, less military image? I don't know if you take suggestions - but perhaps one of William Adolphe Bouguereau's peasants?

    Gender AND class reversal for the dashing Duke.

    1. I'm enjoying your comments, TB. As for suggestions, hm, always depends on what pictures are available and how well they'd work.

  2. Yes, of course. Thanks for the comment!