Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Who’d be a boy?

Yes, work is slow. This puts my bank balance in jeopardy but it is good for Eve’s Rib.

I’m very pleased with this drawing.


  1. Je ne vois pas pourquoi ce garçon fait la tête, il est magnifique dans sa robe, il ne pense tout de même pas aller jouer au basball.

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  3. The boy will be a cheerleader. He will look so cute jumping around in a little pleated skirt and showing off his pretty legs and panties.

  4. I just love this picture, If only it was really true, what a wonderful wourd it would be. I think it deserves a little caption to go with it, something like.

    “But I want to go and play Baseball with you Alice” Tony said to his sister in a sulking manner.
    “How many more time`s have I got to tell you, boys are no good at sports like us girls; all boys are fit for is staying at home and make themselves pretty for us girls:” replied Alice, “now go away and play tea parties with your dolly`s or go and play dress up or even something useful, you can go and clean up my room. You should be good at that being that you are just a boy”.
    “That will be quite enough of that Alice, I’m getting fed up with your attitude about boys being inferior to girls, and you just might find yourself receiving some petticoat punishment, I have heard a few mothers are using it now .. I might just put you in a pretty dress and take you to see all your girlfriends at the Baseball Park;” her mother said sternly.
    “Oh n...no, please don’t do that to me mommy I’ll be a good girl, all my friends would call me a sissy if they saw me dressed like a boy, I would never live it down”: Alice pleaded.
    “Well just you think on it young lady, if I hear you degrading boys one more time you will be wearing dresses for a month and I don’t care if your friends call you a sissy, anyway Tony can’t go with you today because I have to take him to town to get him a new party dress for his birthday Saturday;” her mother replied.

    1. Thanks for your comment and the wonderful caption!

    2. hi thanks for your comment about the caption I wrote.
      I first came across artwork on DeviantArt and it made me smile,so I followed it to your old blog Gender Role Reversal. I must say that after reading some of your archives I could see where your coming from,the stories were extremely well written and could be totally believable in those scenarios. furthermore your artwork has got better and better. I thoroughly enjoyed A Pansy speaks and the Trouble With Girls. I congratulate you on a very Novel and whitty Blog and your artwok is great, I hope you can keep it up, anyway I have to keep coming back to your sites time and time again in case I have missed something, well done.

    3. That's really nice, I appreciate it.

      I could tell from your caption that you get where this blog is coming from!

  5. I don't know why the boy makes such a face, he looks magnificient in his dress. He doesn't think at all about playing baseball. (translation of the french comment above)

  6. I really enjoy a photo where the skirted boy is unhappy or uncomfortable in feminine attire, especially if his outfit is more revealing than he would prefer. This young man is obviously not satisfied with his station in life. Perhaps not long after the gender quake?

  7. A great role reversal picture. Just the sort of tricks my sisters would play on me as I grew up.Yucky frocks and ribbons for their brother and how they enjoyed it!