Friday, 15 March 2013

Prom couple no.2


  1. Veramente eccellente! Le espressioni e tutto, e naturalmente il soggetto. Sarebbe bello avere anche una storia che avesse questi due personaggi come protagonisti!

  2. Such a pretty couple. I wonder if it would be fashionable post-genderquate for girls to look for a much taller boyfriend or not.... Personally I think it would be; there'd be a real sense of innate power in having someone a good foot taller still look up to you figuratively- and very tall boys would no doubt be the supermodels of the age. I'm sure the dream of any 5 ft 6 girl would be to have a 6ft 8 (or 5ft 20, as it would no doubt be put- only women are over 6 feet tall.....) boyfriend, wearing six inch heels