Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Meet the boss

Magazine cover from 2049.


  1. Nice Job Jamie!!! I Love it!

  2. When I got married I made more money than my wife, now after
    17 years she makes more than I do. Her attitude has changed
    along with her increased salery.

  3. more. She's changed in that she expects more of me around the house, and she makes decisions about purchases by herself whereas before it was a joint decision. She also has become somewhat disciplinary and controling, more so than before. the decision is now more about where she wants to go, and what she expects out of me.

  4. more. Here's an example. After a hard day's work she frequently has me draw her bath water, and bath her. She likes to have her girlfriends over and has me askingthem what they want, and I get them some tea or cola or whatever. It use to be embarassing at first but I pretend like it's nothing