Friday, 21 December 2012

A pansy speaks, part 4

(The fourth and final part of ‘A Pansy Speaks’, originally published in Boys Today! magazine, February 2038.)

Part Four: Boys’ future is frilly
By Daniel Maybright

The mid-21st century is a confusing time to be a boy. Society is changing incredibly fast and it’s hard to adjust. Girls grow tougher, bolder and get all the jobs, and their assertiveness is terrifying. Boys have performed worse than girls in education since the turn of the century and we’re still falling behind. The typical state of mind for modern males is anxiety, because females are becoming the dominant sex – if they aren’t already. 

It’s a lesson of history that pretty clothes, makeup etc are worn by the less powerful sex to please the more powerful one. When girls and women started wearing trousers over a hundred years ago, it was symbolic of a great step forward for their social liberation. That’s the opposite of the current situation for boys. Boys are losing their rights, opportunities and independence, and wearing newboy is symbolic of their dis-empowerment.

It’s not that women are evil and deliberately trying to crush the male. But the logic of history says boys can’t win. Only if we accept that the war of the sexes is lost does the confusion fade away, and then we know exactly who we are: the pretty, submissive, dress-wearing sex. Humiliating, yes, but better than constantly agonising over our role and identity.

I know some boys are forced to wear dresses because their mothers or girlfriends insist on it, and they get very resentful and think it a terrible indignity. It’s preferable if boys adopt dresses in their own time. Personally I don’t know why any boy would stick to the boring old trad t-shirt-and-jeans when he could wear gorgeous dresses.

Girls love to see boys in their new role.

Pansy has changed my life. As a boy you’re always described as a problem or failure and girls always seem to be better. Girls have taken over the things that used to define male identity: high grades, confidence, trousers, breadwinning, political power, etc. If you stay trad, there’s nowhere left for boys except to shrink further and further into a dead-end. Pansy gives you an identity. It’s great meeting other pansies because we immediately feel this bond of a shared predicament, and of course a mutual delight in pretty dresses! I’ve met lots of new friends this way. You discover aspects of your personality you didn’t know about before, and there are opportunities to do all sorts of new things. Every pansy should learn to bake, for example, and iron, and put on makeup, and sew, and even to make his own dresses. There are classes and groups now that will teach a boy his new skills. For boys with more ambition, beauty contests like Dream Boys UK are springing up everywhere.

Girls were uncertain about boys wearing ‘their’ clothes at first, since it’s not what they were traditionally encouraged to admire in boys! But they are very quickly warming to seeing boys wearing the dresses, and the more girls expect it, the more boys will wear them. I know girls now who won’t even date a boy unless he wears skirts, and lots of girls won’t be seen dead in them because they are seen as boys’ clothing. You know how girls think they’re so superior (sorry girls – but you know it’s true!) They won’t even wear anything pink.

What is the future for boys? Well, pansy is a minority fashion bought in specialist shops, and I suppose it will remain so. But several high street stores have followed M&H’s lead and stocked newboy in the last couple of years, and there are good quality ranges now in places you’d never expect, like Marks and Spencer. Newboy is not quite the norm but it’s spreading remorselessly. Every month there seem to be more shops, more courses, more adverts, more newspaper articles, and, most importantly, more boys in the streets wearing dresses or skirts. And it’s not as if boys are making progress in earning better grades, getting degrees, and fighting back into the jobs market – on the contrary, all the predictions point to us becoming weaker and weaker relative to girls. So I think the dress conventions for the sexes are swapping over. ‘Trousers for girls, dresses for boys’ is becoming the rule. At this rate of change, in a couple of decades it will be expected that a boy should wear a dress and ‘boys’ trousers’ will be an anachronism.

Yes, newboy is the future for all boys, I’m sure of that! It won’t even be called ‘newboy’, it’ll just be... boyswear. And when that comes true, life for boys won’t be complicated any more, it’ll be beautifully simple. Your role as a boy will be... to be pretty, and love it. Imagine walking into a shop dedicated to boys’ clothes where there is nothing for sale but dresses, and skirts, and stockings, and petticoats, and lots of lovely accessories like bows and makeup and bracelets.

My love of pretty clothes grows and grows. You can’t wear pansy forever – it’s for kids, after all, and you look weird if you’re still wearing pansy when you’re hitting twenty. But there are so many beautiful dresses out there waiting for me, not to mention one day the ultimate: my wedding dress, and the alpha girl who will provide for me and protect me.

My message for every modern boy would be, try not to feel ashamed or humiliated when you’re expected to live life in skirts. Every morning, I pull on my tights, put on my petticoats and step into a lovely bunchy dress. I brush my hair and tie it with ribbons. And when I look at myself in the mirror what else can I think, except… it’s wonderful to be a boy!


  1. "The alpha girl" is nice gender role reversal concept.
    Thank you for your wonderful stories.

  2. yes, that's the right way, images illustrating the tale!

  3. I'm loving it.

  4. You are as talented with words as you are with pictures. And that is a rare combination. Thankyou

  5. we are waiting for the rest

  6. wished you posted again one of these days. how have you been?

    1. I post when I can, in a life filled with things other than Eve's Rib, such as struggling to make a living...

      In answer to your question - busy!

  7. Jamie I hope I didn't offend you. I want you to know I am a closet reader of yours because in reading with MY OWN personal identity crisis I went from being a critic of you for not writing enough to loving your work and feeling the anxiety of "when will the next Eve's Rib post be????"
    I think your work is unique, amazing, and awe-inspiring. I feel embarrassed if it sounded like me nagging you to post. And I feel it a loss to humanity that someone like you must be struggling to make end's meat because all of us benefit from your work. I admire you, your blog, and the impact you have had in my self acceptance and recognition of alternatives to the identity imposed by society upon me but also, and not least important, in helping me understand HOW to deal with it. I find one of the initial rejections I had to your blog was accepting that there are others with such similar thoughts to me in subjects as intimate as those you touch and not just because you touch the already intimate subject of sex and gender and roles but because of the intimate way in which you touch it. You are not only very talented but too very courageous and self aware. I think these too characteristics are the main ones that separate a great artist from a great and revolutionary time transcending artist. I can envision a time in the future when your blog is studied in some university somewhere in the world perhaps fifty years from now, and perhaps, why not, when in some part of the world society might have evolved into something somehow related to the world you and I like to fancy about when we have the chance to retreat ourselves in the safe area of our minds where the Female reigns supreme. For those of you year 2063 students writing a doctorate who read this post, know that there are many of us dreaming of the world of Eve's Rib in the year 2013 but there is only one Eve's Rib blog so perfectly exploring it in the internet. I hope this is one day quoted somewhere by a smart writer of 2063 while she feasts her eyes on the secretary who diligently he types it ;-)

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    sweet lolita :D