Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Son of Eve

As the 21st century progressed, women became more and more powerful – until by the mid-century they were unquestionably dominant.

One of the implications was that the requirement to be beautiful was passed from women to men. The modern breadwinning woman needed to make no effort to get the man she wanted: on the contrary, it was the men who flocked around her, attracted to her confidence and money. At first, the introduction of lingerie and makeup to men and boys was presented as a levelling of the sexual playing field. But as male power diminished further and further, the beauty industry found itself having to orientate to a strictly male clientele.

One of the remarkable new brands that emerged as a response to the new markets was Son of Eve. The brainchild of entrepeneur Alison Diamond, it sold sexy, ‘feminine’ lingerie exclusively to men. Her reasoning was simple:

“The lingerie industry has to keep up with the times, and the reality is that women refuse to wear this sort of underwear any more. Men, however, are keen to please their wives and girlfriends, and are discovering a passion for the sensuality of these styles and materials. Son of Eve is not creating a trend – it is meeting the real needs and desires of men in the 21st century. Lingerie is no longer feminine. It is the new masculine.” (The Times, November 2039.)

Before the so-called genderquake, the only extant images of men in lingerie tended to be either for comic effect or crossdresser porn. The adverts of Son of Eve therefore caused a sensation. Instead of an awkward, hairy male, consumers saw attractive models who, when appropriately groomed, looked as good in lingerie as any woman ever had. The reality of gender as a social construct had never been so obvious.


  1. Jamie, this is a great picture! This is exactly how lingerie ads will look after the Genderquake. And the narrative is spot-on too. How about a picture of a fashion show, with the beautiful boy models preening backstage? Or a suburban lingerie party, where middle-class househusbands choose pretty things to please their wives? Loving your work.

  2. Jamie you are onderful! I LOVE it! As Steph said before me...Please expand on the Thought. Young Teenage Boys getting their First training Bras and Nylon Panties! Bridal Lingerie for the Male Bride!!! Wow.

  3. Gorgeous. I think I have to take back all my stupid suggestions that instead of drawing you should write. I feel like I owe you an apology, and I apologize sincerely here. Everyone know: I take back all I said about your paintings being less than writing because wuth this emasculating gorgeous piece of art you not only proved mr wrong but did so in a delighting way.