Sunday, 18 November 2012

High street fashions

As boys became regarded more and more as inferior to girls, the murmurings for them to be put in dresses turned into a clamour. As the 21st century progressed, high street fashion chains like M&H helped the new rule of trousers for girls, dresses for boys become a commonplace.

The petticoat dress, illustrated here, became the standard, everyday wear for boys. Brands like Tommy went even further with the so-called ‘pansy’ look, with flower prints, big bows, lace frills, and other fussy details.

Some boys, commonly known as ‘trads’ (although there were more derogatory terms going around too), were horrified by this shift in fashion and were deeply jealous of girls. But they had very little power to stop their wardrobes being filled with tights, gloves, skirts and crisp cotton dresses. It was their mothers who decided what they wore, and paid for it, and it was increasingly impossible to find trousers and other such clothes except in girlswear departments.

Other boys immersed themselves in their new frivolous and pretty role with delight. After all, they didn’t believe they were girls’ equals, and the pressure from most of mainstream society was hard to stand up to. In the long term, this was the trend that won out.


  1. Nice image Jamie, as always. With the increasing empowerment of women, many commentators are asking "what are men for?". Maybe this is the future and if so, I and many others will embrace it. I would love to be the one wearing skirts/dresses and petticoats, supporting my female partner and looking pretty for her although I think a lot of men will resist it. Keep up the good work.

  2. The dream of many a boy!

  3. The rapid pace of change will make it hard for many men and boys to adjust. But, as you rightly say, it's impossible to resist societal pressure in the long run. The gender that is less powerful is, inevitably, going to end up in pretty dresses, high heels and tights.

  4. i would love all the boys to wear dresses skirts and as the pace of things today it may not to long before boys wear them and rightly so the male is more suited for dresses than pants/trousers these are more suited for the female so the reversal should take off soon

  5. Gee, you're trapped in the web of associative "reasoning" so you "think" skirt styles are "female?" Forget all about psychiatry! Spend a few years studying history then put up a more sensible commentary. The frilliest shoes in today's world aren't worn by women, they're worn by British Beefeater guards at the Tower of London. Greek soldiers wear flippy pleated skirts and embroidered vests. Male Egyptian dancers (Tanoura) wear full skirts with extraordinarily artistic embroidery and color schemes. Male dancers in Bhutan wear petticoats, as do male Indian Kathakali actors. These men have NO female consciousness. Didn't you know that male lions are more decorative than their females, who are submissive to them? Pants are an invention of horseback riding and arctic climates, and didn't come into being "because male chromosomes determine it." In marriages in which the female has more common sense than than man, he would be better off letting her make the decisions.

  6. un exemple d'inversion des rôles:
    les hommes prendrons le bus, ils ne conduisent plus, loi prise par la Ministre des transports, afin de diminuer le nombre d'accident et de remédier ainsi au probléme de pollution, car moins de voiture, de toute façon il n'est plus utile aux hommes de conduire, car ils restent au foyer.
    La voiture est devenue une affaire exclusivement féminine.

  7. le plus difficile pour un garçon de se mettre en robe, c'est d'adopter une position, il est obligé d'accepter son infériorité, car en robe on n'est plus tout à fait libre, de faire ce que l'on voudrai, les filles le disent bien , on est plus à l'aise en pantalon qu'en jupe,.
    faudra bien que les garçons acceptent, ce nouveau vétement car le pantalon lui sera strictement interdit car réservé excllusivement aux femmes

  8. With the large ever growing ever sagging scrotum and floppy penis the skirt is far better for males. With that area smooth as the sex organs are inside, the tight pants are far better for women to wear. Males wore stockings for centuries. They wore frills and wigs. What seems role reversal is really a return to how things always were.
    As for testosterone blockers and female hormone use in men this helps them to be far less angry, and aggressive, warlike, impulsive. The trend is to feminize. Yes, they will get softer and smoother and Mayberry grow very small breasts but they have nipples now. As men age they do grow natural breasts. So why object to their having them at even a younger age? We all agree that breasts look beautiful. Males and females equal. A good thing. Males want to keep their hair rather than be bald. Castration or t blockers are the way to do that. Being castrated and simply mean removal of the scrotum when a male desires it. He can keep his penis and use it for urinating.
    With the day of the angry, hairy, destructive, cheating male behind us do you really think war will continue? Men will seek peace rather then fight. They will cooperate rather than throw their fists. They will bond like women do rather than see each other as a threat. They will be more concerned about their style, their shoes their wardrobe breast feeding children, submitting to their partner for sex rather than killing. They will be more concerned watching Martha Stwert show them how to make desserts rather than fight. They will have dreams of their wedding day and wearing a beautiful wedding gown in front of all of their friends and family rather than hitting women! They will be concerned more about a tear in their stockings rather seeing other men as a threat. Men will be looking for peace not war.
    A boy will imagine that he is the winner in a beauty contest walking the stage in a bikini in front of millions of viewers and perhaps being crowned the winner in a beautiful flowing evening gown rather than hitting and calling names at other boys.
    Once they pass age 25 castrate them .

  9. Yes ! It's delicious foolies the kind of things. Very-very really wacky. (Ha...ha...ha...ha...ha...ha...!!!!).

  10. After the Genderquake, sexual appetites and fetishes will also be reversed. Women will want to see what men keep under their skirts, and these should be careful that nobody sees their pretty panties