Friday, 7 September 2012

Ms Tietjens and her husband, c.1840

An early Victorian double portrait of a gentlewoman and her husband. Roughly based on a couple of actual portraits, though the gender role reversal is mine, of course. Click image to enlarge.

Close-up in the style of portrait miniatures:


I hope to do much more of this sort of thing.


  1. Love it, great work as always! The couples ones are always my favorite!

    I have two questions about this alternate world, and wondered if you had any theories. The first, how is pregnancy treated? Are there a lot more surrogate pregnancies so career women don't have to take time away from their work, or is science attempting to figure out how to impregnate men? The second, what's beachwear look like? Do the women go topless and the men have to cover up, or are breasts treated the same way, but the bikini tops wouldn't be a feminine design? Anyhow, just curious!

  2. Pregnant men is too "out there" for me. I like to keep things as "realistic" as possible. So I suppose women would still bear children and win kudos from that, then hand them over to men for rearing. Beachwear would be basically the same, except menswear would be more "feminine" in design, women's more practical and non-decorative; I expect women would often go bare-breasted, thus openly declaring and celebrating their femaleness.