Thursday, 21 June 2012

Young couple

In the past I’ve always used a mouse to colour my drawings – but I just got a second-hand Wacom tablet! My colouring skills need work but I’m hoping the tablet will help me to continue to improve the quality of my pictures.

Two young people, painted in Photoshop.


  1. Excellent! Like how he is wearing mostly pink.
    Anyway you could color the teenage couple and color his purse pink? You do excellent work. Thank You!

  2. I completely approve, the work is excellent. I'm waiting for the teenage couple in color too. And I would very much appreciate the same two couples in a dancing stance.
    thanky you!

  3. Very Nice Jamie! Keep up the Great Work!!

  4. Excellent and provocative image, as ever, Jamie! You've inspired me to do some Gender Role Reversal images of my own. Please take a look:

    Your thoughts, comments, ideas, critiques, would be most welcome!

    Keep up your great sissy work!

  5. inspirational. You can feel the future coming.