Thursday, 1 March 2012

Teenage boy

The 21st century boy was in many ways as gangly and awkward as boys of earlier eras. But they were also considered inferior to girls, and were dressed accordingly.

Upgraded with better artwork on 22 May 2013.


  1. Great Job Jamie!!

  2. Jamie,

    I am glad you are finally back. You are an amazing artist and I was pushing you all the time to return, and although I *still* think it would have been amazing for the world not to lose your posts for all this time, I'm glad you feel you improved enough to return. Your drawings are very expressive and much needed to give the Matriarchy the spirit it needs to rise.

    If you will take some advise, continue writing. I think you have a lot of strength in that field as well, and I think it's also a field that is not very much explored.

    1. Thanks for your appreciation! I didn't resent your pressure, because it meant I was missed...

      Artwise I feel I have stepped up a level but am always working on my technique. I will certainly write more: I have a couple of projects slowly gestating.