Thursday, 8 March 2012

Home from work

Every evening scenes like these are played out up and down the country, as househusbands welcome their wives home from a hard day at work.


  1. Jamie I'm amazed at how quick these drawings are being added. How long does it take you to draw the average picture? Were some of them made while you were away?

    1. I'm self-employed and business is very slow right now, so I have the time. Recently, when business has been slow I've worked through my "learn to draw" programme. But it's not especially rewarding to draw how light falls on spheres, etc!

      These recent pictures took about a day: conception, preliminary sketches, and final execution. Then there's the scanning, tidying up the scan, and posting online, which might spill over to the day after.

  2. Nice to see you active again. This kind of stuff really fascinates me. I love the whole role reversal aspect. Keep up the great work.