Monday, 25 October 2010

Sophia Robinson and her husband

Sophia Robinson, second daughter of Baroness Grantham, was born in London in 1782. After being educated at Harrow and Cambridge University, she trained as a lawyer. However, she ended her studies when she was offered the post as private secretary to the Duchess of Hardwicke, Lady Lieutenant of Ireland. At the 1806 general election, Robinson was elected to a seat in the House of Commons.

Her husband, Frederick John Robinson.

Photomanipulations after Thomas Lawrence.


  1. why is her husband in a dress??

    1. Are you joking? That's what my entire blog is about.

  2. Marvelous - the husband is just an appendage.

    How very different Frederick John Robinson looks without his masculine clothes and authority! No Harrow or Cambridge and no seat in the House of Commons for HIM!