Thursday, 8 July 2010

Carla Hardmuth and her husband

[Photo credit: created from this by Flickr user josefnovak33.]


  1. You really do have a talent for this. I see that Carl kept his height after he lost his former clothes. Well done.

    You let him keep his mustache!

    1. Yes, I guess the moustache is laziness on my part, but then again, why wouldn't facial hair be incorporated into masculine identity even when in skirts? After all, he's not pretending to be a woman (hence also keeping his height).

    2. Well, I take your point. I would deprive him of facial hair as it is a symbol of patriarchy and his former privilege. But perhaps I am too strict! And you - after all - are the artist!

  2. it must be a really tight corset under there -poor chap