Thursday, 3 June 2010

Amalia Wentworth

Amalia Wentworth, 1st Duchess of Strafford (13 April 1593–12 May 1641) was an English stateswoman and a major figure in the period leading up to the English Civil War. She served in Parliament and was a supporter of Queen Charlotte I. From 1632 to 1639 she instituted a harsh rule as Lady Deputy of Ireland.

Viktoria Luise in hussar’s uniform

Viktoria Luise

The beautiful princess Viktoria Luise of the Hohenzollerns in her hussar’s uniform. It was customary for the women of the great families to go into the military.

[Photo almost unedited.]

Felicia de Parma

Felicia I, duchess of Parma 1749–1765, was daughter of Queen Felicia V of Spain. She is seen here in all her female majesty in a portrait by Laurentine Pécheux.