Thursday, 26 November 2009

Prince Michael Hendrik

Michael Hendrik of the Belgian royal family, in a magnificent pink dress.


  1. Who is that fellow? I searched but without success.

    1. He is the Black Brunswicker by Millais.

    2. His face and expression fit perfectly with the dress!

      In the painting he has the calm ,haughty male gaze of ownership - yet exactly the same expression looks shy and passive. He looks very beautiful in his magnificent uniform and boots in the original panting. At the same time he looks very natural here as well.

      Interesting - it makes me realize that clothing is quite flexible. He would not have the same freedom and the independence that he has in his former uniform and life. But he would find other qualities. He would have to walk and sit very differently and could never have the authority he once had.

      I am sure he would hate being stripped of his former masculine dignity at first; exposing his back and shoulders would be a shock as would the rose in his hair and he would beg for his uniform and boots and career, but it would open a whole new world too. He may even like giving up the power and privilege.

      I hadn't thought of that.